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  • Drum gear coupling
    Drum gear couplings are rigid-flexible couplings, with radial, axial and angular axis deviation compensation capabilities. Compared with CL type straight gear couplings,...
  • Plum elastic coupling
    Plum blossom flexible couplings are mainly suitable for working occasions with frequent starting, forward and reverse rotation, medium and high speed, medium torque and high reliability requirements, such as: metallurgy,...
  • HL type-elastic pin coupling
    The HL type-elastic pin coupling has a relatively large structure, simple and reasonable, convenient maintenance, symmetrical and interchangeable on both sides, long life, allowing large axial movement, and...
  • GICL type-drum gear coupling
    GICL type-drum gear coupling (JB/T 8845.3-2001) is a rigid-flexible coupling. The gear coupling consists of an inner ring gear with the same number of teeth and an outer gear...
  • SL cross slider coupling
    SL Cross Slider Coupling, also known as metal slider coupling, its slider is ring-shaped, made of steel or wear-resistant alloy, suitable for rotating speed...
  • ZL type elastic pin gear coupling
    The basic parameters and main dimensions of the ZL-type elastic pin gear coupling are made of a number of non-metallic pins, placed on the inner surface of the coupling halves and the outer ring...

  Botou Machinery Factory13785787483DiaphragmCoupling,Plum coupling,Flexible couplingAnd other series of couplings.In order to meet the needs of more customers, our company also undertakes surveying, mapping and manufacturing of other couplings.The company has realized CAD computer-aided design and information management, integrated research and manufacturing, has rich manufacturing experience, perfect testing methods, complete varieties and specifications, and stable and reliable quality.