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Couplings in fog, haze and snow will extend the transportation time. XINLAN mechanical coupling manufacturers are reminded every year

 Fog, haze, snow everywhereCouplingXINLAN Machinery will extend the transportation timeCoupling manufacturersAnnual reminderXINLAN Machinery FactoryThe home reminded that the couplings sent to all parts of Xinjiang will extend the transportation time, which is close to 5000 kilometers. Since the beginning of October, the northern weather has struck haze every day!In addition, there are plateaus on the road and the appearance of heavy snow in deep mountains, which seriously affects transportation. At this period of each year, the company’s sales will send early emails or text messages, WeChat and other methods to notify customers and friends who have cooperation throughout the year. Customers who are far away deserve more attention!Order early to reduce transportation errors, just like customers in Xinjiang!The weather changes far away!To plan early is to grab time and profit!Real advertising pictures, company products