The greater the viscosity of the coupling, the higher the strength of the oil film

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The greater the viscosity of the coupling, the higher the strength of the oil film

  CouplingThe greater the viscosity, the higher the strength of the oil film:

  As for lubricating oil, viscosity is its main performance index. Viscosity reflects the internal friction of oil, and is an indicator of oil properties and fluidity.Without adding any functional additives, the higher the viscosity, the higher the oil film strength and the worse the fluidity.The random data of the coupling shows that in the selection of lubricant, the couplings below 300r/min and the torque less than 600n can be lubricated with grease, and the couplings higher than this speed and greater than this torque In general, lubricating oil is used for lubrication.As far as the industrial closed gear oil recommended by the manufacturer is applied to the cycloid pin-wheel coupling, the disadvantages are:

  Among all types of industrial closed gear oils, L-CKC-68 is the one with low viscosity, but the viscosity also reaches 40-75 mms/s at 90°C, and at low temperatures, the viscosity is greater, and the mechanical wear , 90 all occur in the early stage of starting. At this time, the temperature of the oil is low, the viscosity is high, and there is not enough fluidity. The splash lubrication method requires the oil to have better fluidity.

  The oxidation stability and thermal stability are poor.Due to the characteristics of resin reaction, once the coupling starts to work, the continuous operation time is relatively long. The lubricating oil has no other external means to dissipate heat, so the temperature will gradually increase. Such conditions require that the lubricating oil has better oxidation. Stability.

  As for the occurrence of pitting corrosion, the research believes that it should be the galvanic effect formed on the metal surface after the lubricating oil dries up and formed at the place where there is no relative friction, which is what we often call electrochemical corrosion.As for the cycloidal pinwheel coupling, the materials of the pinwheel and cycloidal wheel are all bearing steel.The movement between them is mostly rolling friction. Because the speed reduction of this coupling is relatively large, the load it bears is not very high, so it is obviously inappropriate to use high-viscosity gear oil.