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No. 45 Steel Coupling/40 Luo Steel Coupling/42 Luo Steel Coupling A kind of better material than a kind of product XINLAN Machinery Manufacturing

 XINLAN MachineryCouplingThe manufacturer launched——45# Steel Coupling/40 Luo Steel Coupling/42 Luo Mo CouplingA product with a better material, but different materials are relatively used for different types of products, reasonable use is a cost-effective consumption application!As a physical manufacturer, I will explain in detail here!

No. 45 material is generally suitable for transmission parts of elastic products, such asPlum coupling,Star coupling,Pin couplingAnd other circumvention elastic products, mainly used for cushions, have a certain degree of flexibility, and do not have a hard friction process on the coupling itself, so the No. 45 can meet the standard!

The material of 40 Luo is harder than that of No. 45. For example, diaphragm couplings and serpentine spring couplings will have a large frictional torque due to the hard connection friction process, but there will also be a certain shock absorption factor. Since then, the hard-pointed 40 Luosteel will be able to do the job, manufacturing requirements!

42 Molybdenum material is more expensive, no matter the hardness and strength are better than the first two materials, so doGear coupling, The universal coupling is reasonable!Good materials do not necessarily produce good products, but goodCoupling manufacturersA good coupling can be achieved——————Botou XINLAN Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!