Development and application of couplings in various industries

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Development and application of couplings in various industries

  NearCouplingIt is increasingly used in machine tools and semiconductor system manufacturing machinery controlled by servo systems.In these fields, unlike general manufacturing machinery, the coupling requires a high degree of followability of its output relative to its input.

  Especially when used on machine tools that require high-frequency forward and reverse rotation, high-precision positioning, and high-speed rotation above 20000 r/min, the coupling has high rigidity and a high elastic fatigue limit that can withstand repeated torsional loads. The ability to adapt to high-speed operation.Therefore, the coupling originally has the characteristics of high torque rigidity, zero rotation clearance, and the elastic body compensates the radial, axial, angular deviation, and clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics of the two shafts produced by the manufacturing machinery during the transmission process.

  In the past, people only considered the coupling as a mechanical part. However, with the diversification of the use of the mechanical device using the coupling, in order to achieve higher performance, the familiarity with the coupling has changed from a simple Mechanical components are transformed into important mechanical elements that can influence the function of the entire mechanical system.

  Therefore, the coupling industry will need the coupling industry and major companies to jointly develop a more complete and reasonable mechanical system.To promote the cooperation between enterprises and the common development of Chinese enterprise economy.