my country's current development status of the coupling industry

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my country's current development status of the coupling industry

  After my country joined the WTO,CouplingThe industry faces huge challenges and at the same time brings more opportunities.As my country's couplings are mainly middle and low-end products, the advantages of the products are obvious, and some are only 1/3 to 1/5, or even 1/10, of foreign products.After joining the WTO, similar foreign products have little impact on the country, while the export volume of my country's middle and low-end couplings has increased; in terms of high-precision couplings, they have mainly relied on imports before joining the WTO. The import of high-precision products has brought more convenience, and at the same time promoted more foreign investment to build factories in my country, bringing foreign coupling technology and management experience, which has played a role in cultivating my country's coupling talents.

  My countryCouplingAfter decades of development, the industry has made considerable progress in terms of quantity, quality and technology, and made great progress.However, compared with the needs of national economic development and the world level, there is still a certain gap.Some large, complex, and long-life couplings still need to be imported in large quantities every year.While the total supply is in short supply, some low-end couplings are in oversupply, the market competition is fierce, and some mid-range couplings with low technical content are also in oversupply.

  According to statistics, the total output value of my country's couplings in 2006 was about 300 billion yuan, of which the export value was about 58 billion yuan.According to customs statistics, in 2006, my country imported a total of about 10 billion US dollars of couplings, or about 83 billion yuan.It can be concluded that, in addition to self-production and self-use, in terms of market sales, the total demand for couplings in my country in 2006 was about 313 billion yuan, and the total supply of domestic couplings was about 230 billion yuan, and the market satisfaction rate was 73.5.Among the imported couplings, most of them are various decorative couplings for automobiles, various plastic shell couplings for home appliances, various injection couplings for communication and office equipment, and building materials. Matching extruded couplings and various plastic sealing couplings for the electronics industry, etc.Most of the exported couplings are medium and low-end products.As my country's couplings have a relatively low standard and have strong competitiveness in the international market, the prospects for further expansion of exports are very good.