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Couplings with bolts XINLAN machinery has a way to make nuts loose. Tips recommended by manufacturers

a lot ofCouplingOf users are searching for couplings with bolts. In many cases, the bolts have fallen, causing the connecting parts to fall. Actually, there are many reasons for the bolts to fall. Vibration, emergency stop, frequent positive and negative starts, etc., all cause the nut to loose Even if it falls off, I think that the elastic washer on some bolts will be compressed for a long time to a certain extent, and the elastic performance will not be able to prevent loosening. Naturally, the nuts will become loose! XINLAN Machinery has some tips for making nut loosening. As a manufacturer with many years of experience, it is recommended to relieve the worries of coupling users!Examples of flange couplings,Gear coupling, JQ clamp coupling, and boltedBrake wheel couplingWait as common!Tips and techniques know!