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A durable coupling of GSL type product XINLAN mechanical gear coupling

Sex ratio!Integrity ratio!Service ratio! XINLAN machinery manufacturer is worth the test!Large-scale manufacturing machinery manufacturers in North China,CouplingThe manufacturer manufactures high-torque alloy material GSL type products XINLAN machineryGear couplingOne of the durable couplings! The material of the gsl type product is preferably 38 molybdenum aluminum. Due to the production cost of the steel plant assembly line can not always stop, the service life of the connector is required to be longer!The good technology of the product ranges from high density of rough forgings, rough turning-quenching and tempering-finishing-nitriding (nitriding), etc.!The company has a certain production experience, and the steel position in Hebei is relatively low, so the products manufactured by XINLAN machinery are more effective in the same industry. It has created a direct sales shortcut. Manufacturers trust Baidu and physical couplings. The manufacturer is practicalCoupling manufacturers<Angel> Machinery is willing to serve you sincerely, the manager--156-3317--3921 will help you solve new and old couplings, standard couplings and reasonable selection of couplings. The company is a coupling manufacturer, Welcome to consult
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