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Durable gear coupling 38 Molybdenum aluminum alloy GSL type Kasheng coupling manufacturer

durableGear couplingLook for the sales of Botou XINLAN Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 156-3317-3921, and the company has launched a GSL-type Kaisheng made of 38 molybdenum aluminum alloy.CouplingManufacturers, the material of this product requires it to pay attention to, from raw materials-to forging-rough turning-quenching and tempering-finishing-nitriding step by step to meet the standard!Only the products produced in this way can be said to be durable product transmission parts in the sense!This kind of product is generally common in the assembly line of steel mills. Customers in need are expected to inquire, and the company can produce 760 typeGSL type drum gear coupling.The company is small but an entityCoupling manufacturers!Honest manufacturers!