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XINLAN manufacturers explain which material of the coupling is suitable for nitriding-38 molybdenum aluminum alloy steel, which is common for gear couplings

XINLAN manufacturers explainCouplingWhich material is suitable for nitriding-38 Molybdenum aluminum alloy steelGear couplingcommon
Various nitriding methods have been developed in recent years, using normal and low pressure gas nitriding, glow ion nitriding, salt bath nitriding, fluidized bed nitriding and powder nitriding.According to the type of nitride layer formation, all nitride layers can be divided into two categories: that is, the nitride layer generated by the control method and the nitride layer generated by the non-control method. Ordinary nitridation mainly refers to liquid nitridation. Salt bath heating and nitriding is suitable for the production of small batches of workpieces. There are many types of vacuum nitriding. Gas and ion nitriding belong to vacuum nitriding, which must be carried out after vacuuming.
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