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Explain that the dynamic balance of the diaphragm coupling should be tested as a whole. There are many key factors-clearance, concentricity, etc.!

XINLAN MachineryCouplingThe diaphragm coupling produced by the manufacturer is one of the most important products, and explainsDiaphragm couplingFor dynamic balance, the overall test must be considered. There are many key factors-clearance, concentricity, etc.!Clearance: the fit of the bolt outer diameter and the coupling, the gap between the diaphragm sleeve and the diaphragm will all affect.Concentricity: The concentricity of the shaft hole and the outer diameter of the semi-joint, and the eccentricity is a major factor affecting the beating.Also use the internal structure of the product's own material and so on!The connecting parts of the diaphragm coupling are made of stainless steel plates. Welcome to purchase mechanical couplings. The performance of the diaphragm coupling is that it has an elastic effect. There is no buffer in the emergency stop state. This coupling is better than the elastic cancellation. The elastic plum blossom is much more affected by the environment, and the coupling is not affected by the high or low speed. Therefore, this coupling is very versatile. If you find the manufacturer, you can go to the machine factory. Only the diaphragm is assembled on the shaft for inspection as a whole. Only then will it reach the standard!Capable technology will surely satisfy you!The following is the company's product display——