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  • JXLD frame (74 standard)
    The JXLD type of this frame series is suitable for connection with XLD type cycloid planetary reducer and CFL type planetary gear reducer, and JBLD type is suitable for connection with BLD type cycloid reducer.
  • JXLD bracket
    The rigidity of JXLD bracket is commonly used in practical applicationsCouplinginsteadFlexible couplingConnect the mixing shaft and the output shaft of the reducer, and connect the supporting points such as the bottom bearing or the intermediate bearing.Such use simplifies the application conditions of the single-fulcrum rack.
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  • TJQ ​​frame
    The selection of TJQ type frame is based on the size of the output shaft diameter of the reducer in principle to determine the frame model, as long as the interface type and installation size are consistent, the output shaft size of the reducer can float up and down within a certain range. .
    Related tags: TJQ ​​frame|Stent
  • Oil pump bracket
    The oil pump bracket is also known as the pump cover.Usually in hydraulic system. Used to connect oil pump to electric motor.One end flange is connected with the oil pump flange.The other end is connected with B35 or B3 flange of Y series motor.
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