China Hot selling DHL Free 5.3129e3 Coupling Element for Kaeser Air Compressor CSD105 excitation contraction coupling

Product Description

DHL Free 5.3129E3 Coupling Element for Kaeser Air Compressor CSD105

Product Description



Component: Element
Coupling Type: Elastomeric Coupling
Coupling Size or Series : E30
Material: Rubber
Torque: 3651In-Lbs
Maximum Speed RPM: 5800

Coupling Features

  • Good starting performance can change the load starting of the motor to no-load starting, so as to realize the soft starting of the working machine, reduce the current during starting and reduce the starting energy consumption.
  • Save electric energy and equipment cost, which can solve the unreasonable situation of the big horse-drawn trolley with load starting machine, save the motor capacity, improve the power factor and motor efficiency of the grid, reduce reactive power loss, save electric energy, and simplify the motor starting equipment and reduce equipment cost.
  • The transferred torque can be adjusted, easy to achieve overload protection.When the working machine is overloaded or jammed, the steel ball type safety coupling will slip automatically, which can prevent the motor from burning out and other parts damage.
  • Except for the starting and braking stages, the main and driven parts of the steel ball safety coupling have no speed difference, no friction loss and high transmission efficiency.
  • Nonmetallic elastic elements are adopted in the steel ball type safety coupling, which can compensate the offset of the linked 2 axes within a certain range, with a small amount of buffering and damping.
  • Reliable operation, stable performance, convenient installation, disassembly and maintenance



Determining the right type of flexible coupling starts with the following analysis of the application:

  • Prime mover type (motor, diesel engine, etc.) of the drive side of the system
  • Actual horsepower and/or torque requirements, not prime motor-rated horsepower (note the range of variable torque caused by periodic or unstable loads, worst-case starting loads,
  • Drive system inertia related to prime mover inertia (data available from equipment supplier)
  • vibration, linear and torsional vibration (experienced supplier or consultant can help you evaluate vibration) shaft-to-shaft deviation;
  • Note the degree of Angle offset (axis is not parallel) and parallel offset (distance between axis centers when axes are parallel but not aligned);
  • Also note whether the drive/driven units share the same floor axial (inside/outside) axial motion,
  • whether they share distance (the distance between the drive end and the driven axis), and any other space-related restrictions.


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We are able to offer a wide range of special couplings, which are based on your samples or drawings.

Due to the refinement of production operations and the high-end technology, we have been able to produce high-quality Rubber Coupling, Trolley Wheel, Flexible Coupling, Flexible Rubber Coupling, Industrial Rubber Coupling, Star Coupling, CZPT type Coupling Spare and other products, widely used in industrial applications.


All these products are tested and checked against the set quality parameters before being sent to the customer. This shows that we are willing to provide our customers with updated and perfect product lines to meet their different needs. In addition, we also provide customized solutions to provide customers with a wide range of space, so that they can choose their favorite products according to their needs and requirements.

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1615682500 1604076100
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74987806 574991005 574991106 574991133 574991401 6259092600 6259094000
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1957157127 1957157149 1957157159 1957157172 1957157146 1613685710 1613683702
2901168200 2901175710 2901171500 2901172500 2901169700 6259095000 6259096000
6259092200 625957100 6259094700 6259095700 625957100 574991127 574991142
574988106 574991009 574991117 574991138 574991102 1613685083 1613685980
1613679007 1613681401 1613684881 1613685780 1613684100 1957157164 1957157180
1957157135 1957157150 1957157161 1957157173 1957157156 2901171900 2901172900
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1613679200 1613681600 1613684980 1613685880 1613685202 1957157165 1957157182
1957157136 1957157151 1957157162 1957157174 1957157168 2901172000 2901173000
2901168400 2901170600 2901171700 2901172700 2901172200 6259096200
6259092500 625957100 6259094900 6259095900 625957100 574991129 574991144
574988116 574991013 574991125 574991141 574991145 1613685201 1613686600
1613679400 1613681701 1613684981 1613685900 1613687800 6259096500
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2901168401 2901170700 2901171800 2901172800 2901173200 2901168500 2901171000
1957157167 2901172100 1957157183 2901173100 6259096300

This is only a part of the part numbers, many oil separator filters P/N are not listed, in addition there are replacements filters for many other air compressor brands.


Company Profile

       Now over 100,000 quality filters including compressed air filters, Hydraulic Filters and complete filter housing assemblies at wholesale discounts. We offer OEM products as well as high quality replacements, engineered to precise OEM specifications and guaranteed to match the exact form, fit and function as the original equipment. Our company is committed to continuous innovation and further improvement to create, improve the efficiency and productivity of excellence, to achieve the highest level of reliability and performance.

Company team

Our company is located in the beautiful coastal city of HangZhou,is a professional manufacturer of air compressor filters and separators,

We repect the enterprise spirit of “steadyfastness,hard work and responsibility” and creat a good corporate environment based on the operation principle of “Integrity,reliability and innovation”.



With the survival idea of “perfect technology, good service and excellent quality”,
We always adhere to customer first,
aim at serving customer sincerely and touching customer with our service.

We plunge ourselves to provide clear and sustainable comprssed air to our customer,
meanwhile constantly pursue to save the sunning cost of compressor system for them.
Profession, concentration, focus is our corporate philosophy.




 Q1. What is your product range?
A: Our products cover replacement hydraulic filter, Air compressor filters, Compressed air filter element, Heavy truck insert filters, Vacuum pump filters, and Some spare parts for compressors.

Q2. Is customized filter or OEM available? 
A: Yes, just offer your required specifications and drawings.

Q3. Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build new molds, but open new mold fee charged, when you place bulk order, the mold fee can return back.

Q4. What’s your terms of packing?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral boxes,outside brown carton cases. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

Q5. What’s your terms of delivery?
A: (1)FOB (2)CFR (3)CIF.

Q6. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, under MOQ quantity take 5-7 working days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on models and the quantity of your order.


Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Structure: Flexible
Material: Rubber
Type: Gear Flex Coupling
MOQ: 1unit
Lead Time: Aroud 3-5 Working Days After Order Confirmed
US$ 119.9/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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What Is a Coupling?

A coupling is a mechanical device that links two shafts together and transmits power. Its purpose is to join rotating equipment while permitting a small amount of misalignment or end movement. Couplings come in a variety of different types and are used in a variety of applications. They can be used in hydraulics, pneumatics, and many other industries.


Coupling is a term used to describe a relationship between different modules. When a module depends on another, it can have different types of coupling. Common coupling occurs when modules share certain overall constraints. When this type of coupling occurs, any changes to the common constraint will also affect the other modules. Common coupling has its advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to maintain and provides less control over the modules than other types of coupling.
There are many types of coupling, including meshing tooth couplings, pin and bush couplings, and spline couplings. It is important to choose the right coupling type for your specific application to get maximum uptime and long-term reliability. Listed below are the differences between these coupling types.
Rigid couplings have no flexibility, and require good alignment of the shafts and support bearings. They are often used in applications where high torque is required, such as in push-pull machines. These couplings are also useful in applications where the shafts are firmly attached to one another.
Another type of coupling is the split muff coupling. This type is made of cast iron and has two threaded holes. The coupling halves are attached with bolts or studs.


The coupling function is an incredibly versatile mathematical tool that can be used in many different scientific domains. These applications range from physics and mathematics to biology, chemistry, cardio-respiratory physiology, climate science, and electrical engineering. The coupling function can also help to predict the transition from one state to another, as well as describing the functional contributions of subsystems in the system. In some cases, it can even be used to reveal the mechanisms that underlie the functionality of interactions.
The coupling selection process begins with considering the intended use of the coupling. The application parameters must be determined, as well as the operating conditions. For example, if the coupling is required to be used for power transmission, the design engineer should consider how easily the coupling can be installed and serviced. This step is vital because improper installation can result in a more severe misalignment than is specified. Additionally, the coupling must be inspected regularly to ensure that the design parameters remain consistent and that no detrimental factors develop.
Choosing the right coupling for your application is an important process, but it need not be difficult. To find the right coupling, you must consider the type of machine and environment, as well as the torque, rpm, and inertia of the system. By answering these questions, you will be able to select the best coupling for your specific application.


A coupling is a device that connects two rotating shafts to transfer torque and rotary motion. To achieve optimal performance, a coupling must be designed for the application requirements it serves. These requirements include service, environmental, and use parameters. Otherwise, it can prematurely fail, causing inconvenience and financial loss.
In order to prevent premature failure, couplings should be properly installed and maintained. A good practice is to refer to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Moreover, it is important to perform periodic tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the coupling. The testing of couplings should be performed by qualified personnel.
China Hot selling DHL Free 5.3129e3 Coupling Element for Kaeser Air Compressor CSD105   excitation contraction couplingChina Hot selling DHL Free 5.3129e3 Coupling Element for Kaeser Air Compressor CSD105   excitation contraction coupling
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