Short Rigid Couplings


Short rigid couplings are made available to accommodate applications with limited space. The short stiff coupling has less torque capacity when compared to the standard rigid coupling due to the fact that it utilizes only one cap screw socket head in each shaft. However, the small dimensions of the collar decrease inertia, which makes it suitable as a motion controller. We make the short stiff couplings out of 1215 lead-free steel, with the exclusive black oxide finish as well as 303 stainless steel and high-strength 2024 aluminum. Bore sizes vary between 1/8″ up to” with 6mm up to 25mm.


  • Does not mar the shaft
  • Superior fit, finish, and holding power
  • Excellent for high axial loads
  • Transmit torque in confined spaces
  • Step bores available
  • Additional sizes available
  • RoHS3 and REACH Compliant
  • Width tolerance: +.003″/-.010″
  • Temperature Range (Deg. F)
    Steel: -40° to 350°
    Aluminum: -40° to 225°
    Stainless: -40° to 350°