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The downturn of steel has a direct impact on the output of the manufacturer's coupling. XINLAN Machinery summarizes several points

Driven by the market economy, the more expensive the more expensive things, the more expensive the more difficult to buy!For example, the sluggish position of steel directly affects manufacturersCouplingThe output of XINLAN Machinery is manufactured by KaiserCoupling manufacturersTo summarize a few points!Steel is in a state of three lows and one high.The first is the low consumption and production; due to the serious surplus of steel, the steel structure will be in a long-term downturn, and the raw material quality will also be in a long-term downturn. Last year's profitability was better than that of 2013, but it is still the worst industry among all industries, and the profitability of iron and steel enterprises will be sluggish for a long time. As a user of XINLAN Machinery, sales manufacturers also affect the actual situation of no profit at all!Take a look at the company's products——