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There are tips for surveying and mapping to make couplings, provided by XINLAN machinery manufacturers


Surveying and mappingCouplingThere are tips provided by XINLAN machinery manufacturers

Photo drawing is also a small trick. You don’t need to ask users to survey and map carefully. As long as you map the large outer diameter of the product, you can make the coupling by using the photo image ratio and the actual size!The method is as follows, take a picture, save it on the computer and enlarge it to
4AThe size of the paper is convenient for comparison and mapping. When the large outer diameter of the actual product is known, the specific size can be measured according to the enlarged picture. When using the actual size to measure the coefficient of the larger outer diameter of the drawing paper, use the coefficient to multiply the surveying and mapping to the enlarged picture For every size on the above, you can get the actual size of the actual object! What XINLAN Machinery helps you explain is also a personal point of view. The more careful the measurement, the more accurate the actual size!PlusGear couplingThe model can be determined after knowing the outer diameter!Welcome new and old customers to try it yourself, if you don’t understand, please inquire! ! !

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